Northern Cardinal Facts

Habitat You will find them mostly in forested areas, lawns, hedgerows, backyards, swamps, mesquite, re-growing forests, and ornamental landscaping shrubs. Cardinals gather in leaves and create their nests. Their unique ability is to sing beautifully. They are mostly found in cities and suburbs throughout eastern North America. Food The staple food of the Northern Cardinals is seeds and fruits. Besides, they eat a variety of insects. Their diet consists of…

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Red-bellied Woodpecker

Habitat And Size Red-bellied Woodpecker is a pale, medium-sized Woodpecker you can find in the forests of the eastern United States. Their striking barriers and shiny red caps add to their style. People call them woodpeckers Because of this redhead. This species is somewhat challenging to see. The chest is white, and the wings are black and have white dots. If you remember the red bell's sound, it is not…

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Crested Hawk Eagle
Crested Hawk Eagle

Crested Hawk Eagle

The changeable hawk-eagle or crested hawk-eagle (Nisaetus cirrhatus) is a large bird of prey species of the family Accipitridae. There are several types, and the most common is the 10-14 cm long one. The wings are usually brown with 4-5 black stripes on the tip. The chest and underside are pale brown, and the lower thighs and ankles are pale white. They have four feathers on their head. It gives them a rugged look. They…

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