A cute puppy chooses to keep people on an aeroplane from being bored.

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If you have a cute dog with you, though, most long trips are fun.

Welcome to Huxley, your onboard comic!

Ursula Daphne Aitchison, Huxley’s owner, said, “He was sitting next to me, but he got upset, as he often does when I don’t pay enough attention to him.”

He went to sit with the man in the front seat and sulked, as he does a lot when he’s mad.

The man was pleased to see his animal friend. We were thrilled for Huxley to spend time with his old best friend. That’s good. He thought that until he heard Ursula open a food pack!

Someone said to Aitchison, “He quickly changed his tune when he heard me eating my crisps.”

Huxley tried to grab a little out of desperation. There wasn’t enough room, though.

We just love how cute he is.

Ursula put pictures of Huxley doing all of these things on Facebook, and they quickly went viral.

Someone wrote, “Guys, I can’t breathe.”

“He stayed in that seat for thirty minutes. The person across the aisle took pictures with him, and the person next to him said he was a great passenger.” Huxley kept putting out his paw to touch him. A man next to me asked for a picture to give to his daughter because he was making a lot of people laugh.

Image Credit & More Info; hugoandursula/instagram | H/T; thedodo

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