A man sees a tiny, unknown animal in his driveway and does everything he can to keep it alive (video).

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Little things can sometimes be the most beautiful things. One of these people was Ron, who was shocked to see the tiny baby animal moving around on his lawn. Ron had no idea what kind of animal the little baby was because its features were so young that they were hard to tell apart. Despite this, he had to bring the baby inside and cover it to keep it warm because he couldn’t leave it outside. After that, he did what any of us would have done: he went online and looked something up.

Ron said this in a video posted on the We Love Animals YouTube channel on December 26, 2022. “And I saw that sometimes baby squirrels fall out of their nests and sometimes their mothers will come back and get them,” Ron said.

Then Ron decided to try to find the baby’s family and return the cute baby to its home. When he got back to the driveway, he put the baby in a box and watched to see if the baby’s mother would come running. Sure enough, she did! Ron was disappointed that the mother barely gave the baby a sniff before leaving.

The squirrel’s new father then started working hard to keep the baby living. He started giving it puppy milk formula with a syringe every three hours. Ron said it was “like having a newborn baby” and that it was the hardest part. A few weeks later, Ron saw that the squirrel was quickly getting stronger.

“As time went on, I became more sure that he would live.” Once we got close, Ron said.

Ron let his little friend go back outside when he was 13 weeks old. To give his friend a place to live, he bought a wooden squirrel house and attached it to a tree. When Ron let the squirrel go, it jumped up the tree and was excited to explore its new home. That didn’t mean the end of their friendship, though.

Ron said that the small squirrel often came to his house, even after I had set him free. He would sometimes pop his head out of the squirrel box when I called to him in my garden.

These two have become so close that they sometimes just hang out together.

We’re friends, and sometimes he’ll sit on my knee while I watch TV, Ron said. “He’s so loving and smart.”

Ron has since made a TikTok page to share the adventures of his pet squirrel, whom he calls Robert “Bobby” Squirrel. The page has over 4.5 million likes and 350,000 followers, likely because the videos of Bobby playing, eating, and generally running around are too cute to ignore. In one video, Ron sings Bobby a lullaby and gives him milk with a syringe. In another, Ron holds a turkey.

Ron’s life seemed to have gotten a lot better after Bobby came along.

Well, I didn’t really care about squirrels until Bobby got up. But as I got to know him and saw how nice he was, I began to notice the other squirrels and realize how great they are.

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