A puppy almost drowns in a Florida canal, but dolphins save it!

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Dolphins are smart animals that are also very friendly. They love helping people and other animals! The dolphins can also show you the way. You may have heard many stories about how these fish saved sailors. But this story isn’t quite the same. This time, these dolphins helped a strong Doberman dog!

This took place when Turbo, 11, ran away from his home in Marco Island, Florida. Lucky for us, the little dog’s struggle to stay afloat in the water caught the attention of the dolphins. The dolphins walked up to the scared dog and began nudging it with their noses to keep it floaty.

Some people who were near the canal saw this little dog struggling to float in the water while dolphins played around it. They kept the dog from drowning by swimming with them. They kept doing this until someone noticed them and offered to help them pull him out of the water.

When firefighters saw it, they rushed to the scene and saved the dog. The dog’s owner said it had been swimming in the water for about 15 hours. For something that lives on land, that’s a long time.

The little teddy bear is very brave. You should be grateful for it. And a really cool feat. I like how these two dolphins worked together to keep the dog alive in different ways. Their hearts are really full of love.

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