A stray cat got into the lynx enclosure, and a zoo visitor caught the encounter on video.

You are currently viewing A stray cat got into the lynx enclosure, and a zoo visitor caught the encounter on video.

In 2014, the staff at Russia’s St. Petersburg Zoo were shocked to learn that a kitten had moved in with some of the wild animals a few years before.

The stray cat found a new friend and was able to get into the lynx box, where it looks very happy.

That’s right! Imagine how shocked zoo tourists and workers were when they looked into the lynx pen and saw that a house cat had started living there.

When people found out that the calico cat was homeless, it was clear that she had found a place to live. According to Time, she not only loved having food and a safe place to stay, but she also became very close with the much bigger cat.

The pictures show how incredibly close the lynx and cat are, even though the lynx is much bigger than the cat. The bigger animal is cuddling up to the calico cat, and the cat even tries to climb up on her back.

When zoo workers saw the cat, they were scared, but they quickly realized there was nothing to worry about. The bigger animal seems to love the cat that had been living on the streets before she took it in.

Because they were already friends, the zoo decided to let the calico stay. She has lived next to the huge lynx for her whole life. Even though they are very different sizes, they still like to cuddle and clean each other.

People really wanted to see the brave house cat who had decided she wanted to be adopted by the wild animal as soon as word got out about the new animal at the zoo. People have driven many kilometers to get pictures of the cats through the glass that separates them from the visitors. The cat is now an adult and not a kitten, but she still loves her big friend very much.

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