At the Siberian Zoo, cute wild kittens with bright blue eyes are born.

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A post on the Russian social networking site on July 18 said that three kittens were born at the zoo in Novosibirsk, Siberia, along with 16 beautiful wild kittens during the first few days of the month.

The first baby was born on June 1, 2020; the second was on June 7, 2020; and the third was on June 11, 2020. Tatyana Pevneva, head of the international cooperation department at Novosibirsk Zoo, told Zenger News that this was the year’s births.

Three girls have kittens, five girls have kittens, and three girls have eight kittens.

Pallas cats (Otocolobus Manul) have bright blue eyes when they are born. Over time, the eyes turn green and then yellow. “The kittens are still very small right now.” “They are too little to judge their future,” Pevneva said. “Zoologists and veterinarians keep a close eye on their growth.”

The cats from the Palace have been at the Novosibirsk Zoo since 1995. As part of the International and European Conservation Programme, they also give kittens to other zoos. These Pallas cats have also left their mark on Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, France, Switzerland, Austria, and Great Britain, where they live in Novosibirsk.

“WWF data shows that there are about 12,000 Pallas’s cats living in the wild in Russia right now.” “By the end of 2019, 30 Pallas’s Cats were kept as pets in Russian zoos,” Pevneva said. People who work at the zoo said that the kittens will be leaving the shelter for a short time. They did say, though, that the Cubs are healthy.

However, this species has a high death rate, and it’s hard to breed them in captivity. From Central Asia to Mongolia, these animals live in rocky deserts and otherwise dry areas. But people are hunting them for their fur, which is thought to be putting them in danger.

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