Bear Unwinds On A Couch That Someone Gave To Him

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Mandy Stantic and her family went on a road trip across Northern Manitoba’s Lac Brochet in search of bears. Something caught her eye, prompting her to reach for her camera. The wild bear was chilling out on an old couch that had been abandoned.

Like a human, the bear let his guard down. He propped himself up on one leg and rested his arm on the arm rest. Stantic told The Dodo that the bear was likely satiated and ready to take a nap after eating. She told him that watching Netflix with some popcorn would help him unwind.

From the safety of their automobile, Stantic and her family watched the bears and couldn’t contain their mirth. What Mandy meant was, “It’s all the woods surrounding the dump for hundreds of miles.” Even though they are well-fed, they gather in that location every spring because there aren’t enough berries to go around.

Even though Stantic moved on after taking images of the lounging bear, she will never forget that experience. This sort of thing rarely occurs. According to her, he is only acting human to get what he wants. This black bear went viral when pictures of him were published online.

These snapshots are a tonne of laughs. If you want to make someone’s day, send them this link. I’m curious to hear your thoughts on this. Leave your ideas in the comments section!

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