Beluga Whale And A Annoys Seagull

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This arbitrary seagull externally of the water had stimulated the whale’s rate of interest.

A few days ago, while Johansen was walking near the Hammerfest waterside, he spotted this beluga whale acting silly and trying to befriend a seagull.

” He maintained trying to have fun with the seagull,” Johansen said. “it is an extremely unique occasion. I believe all that look [at the video] believe it was delightful but are additionally amazed he was so mild. What was revealed in the video was just half of the program between the 2? He [the beluga] swam under the seagull and blew bubbles approximately to get focus and after, taking water in his mouth and splashing on the seagull. Never seen any kind of similar behavior.”

This video clip of a beluga whale frustrating a seagull shows how foolish animals can be, and also it is funny to enjoy.

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