Cage Diver Recreates Iconic ‘Jaws’ Film Poster Using a Real Great White Shark

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A cage diver uses a real great white shark to make an exact copy of the famous “Jaws” movie poster.

The photographer Euan Rannachan has been interested in sharks since he was a kid. These top animals are now shown by his camera skills to show how powerful and majestic they are. Rannachan has spent a lot of time swimming with sharks, but it was on a recent trip to Guadalupe Island in Mexico that he took the picture of a lifetime. Annachan took a picture of a great white shark in a shark cage only 35 feet away. The shark was taking a familiar pose. Fans of the 1975 movie Jaws will notice that his picture looks a lot like the movie’s famous cover art.

Sculptor Roger Kastel got the idea for the famous picture Jaws from a taxidermy shark. Over the years, it’s become one of the most famous movie images. Rannachan’s dream come true is to be able to take a picture that looks like the famous picture.

Rannachan tells My Modern Met, “This is a picture that many of my shark friends and I have been trying to get for years.” “I thought I had it, but everyone down there moves so fast that all I could do was get ready for the next pass, if there was going to be one.” Much later that night, when I was backing up video, I saw that I had it and, even more importantly, that it was clear.

It’s not a surprise that Rannachan’s picture caused a lot of trouble, given how popular Jaws is. Because of all the attention, the photographer has been able to share his love for these amazing animals with more people. He does this so that people will see that they are not the bad animals that they are often described as being.

“I think what always gets me excited is how strong and accurate they can be while still being completely under control.” When a 3,000-pound animal gets close to its prey, it flicks its tail, speeds up, and spins around like nothing happened.

Rannachan was able to get up close and personal with the great white shark from the safety of a cage.

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