Did You Know? Alligators Actually Walk On Their Two Legs In Water

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Know What? When they’re in water, alligators walk on all fours.


What did you know about alligators? They are related to crocodiles and can walk on two legs in water. Many people have long thought that these animals just float on the water’s surface and wait for their food. This may come as a surprise to them. But recently, an underwater picture of a crocodile swimming in its pen at a crocodile farm went popular in Japan. The picture showed that the animal has a unique ability to stand on its hind legs.

People should always be careful around crocodiles because they are dangerous predators, but this picture shows a more fun side of these animals that many people may not have thought of before. Some Japanese people on Twitter have even said that the crocodile in the picture is “kawaii,” which means cute.

Just because they look cute doesn’t mean they’re not dangerous. Crocodiles are still big and strong. Always stay away from them and give them space.

Also, it’s important to note that the crocodile’s behaviour in the picture is probably only seen on the farm where the picture was taken. Due to the shallow water in the rivers and lakes where crocodiles live, they usually can’t stand on their back legs in the wild.

The picture is still a reminder that these animals are more than what they seem to be. Even though they are dangerous killers, these animals are also very interesting and worth learning more about.

Now, the next time you see a crocodile, know that this is how they stand underwater. It makes them a lot less scary. Make sure to stay away from these amazing animals and enjoy them from afar.

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