German shepherd was shot in the head in January — but now he has a loving new home

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After being shot in the head in January, the German shepherd is now in a caring new family.

Some people abuse animals in such a horrific way, and some unfortunate dogs go through such agony at the hands of mankind. Fortunately, there are good people in the world who will take up this responsibility and take care of these animals, giving them a second chance at life despite all the chances against them.

That happened recently when a dog who had been shot in the head recovered and is now enjoying the happy ending he deserves.

Louisville Metro Animal Services said in January that they had taken in Magic the dog, who had been found with a gunshot wound to the head.

A bullet that entered above Magic’s right eye and exited on the right side shattered his jaw. WLKY said that Magic appeared to be staring at the shooter from that perspective.

Jefferson Animal Hospital provided him with emergency medical attention, according to WAVE. He was given painkillers and given a syringe for feeding.

However, despite everything that had happened to him, Magic was believed to be the “sweetest boy” and to be in “great spirits.” Magic magically defeated all the odds, true to his name.

Louisville Metro Animal Services posted on Facebook, saying, “He’s in great hands.” “All we can say is that we’re grateful he found us.”

Magic’s road to rehabilitation soon started. He was adopted by Kentucky Humane Society, which stated that the foster home “tirelessly helped Magic heal physically and emotionally from the cruelty he experienced at the hands of a human.” Magic was placed in a foster home with a member of the organization’s staff.

Magic was prepared to find his permanent home after receiving care and having reconstructive surgery for several months. One woman, who was still grieving for her former dog, was instantly drawn to the adorable canine.

“I was just beginning to consider acquiring another dog after losing my first one in January when he popped out of nowhere on the internet. And I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, I want this puppy,'” 50-year-old teacher Melanie Gilzene said on Good Morning America.

“I hurried to call them quickly to start this foster thing because I always have a heart for animals, and this one in particular just deserves a great life and I know that I can give it to him.”

Magic was placed in Melanie and her family’s “Foster First” adoption program for a trial period of 14 days. They all fell in love with Magic and chose to adopt him permanently since they felt it was meant to be!

Workers at KHS gathered to say goodbye to Magic, a special canine who is moving on to his permanent home, and shared pictures of him leaving the shelter with his new family.

KHS posted on Facebook, saying, “Now Magic can finally put his past behind him.” “We are honored to have contributed to Magic’s incredible story, even though this farewell was, to put it mildly, bittersweet.”

We’re overjoyed that Magic made it through that terrifying shooting and is now in a caring new home! I am grateful to all those who helped save him 🥰

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