In a touching moment, a baby seal joins the rescuers. They say, “We have a new team member.”

When you go to save animals, you never know what will happen. This was brought up to Ocean Conservation Namibia in Walvis Bay, Namibia, earlier this year. Antoine and Denzil, two people who help animals, were at Pelican Point when they saw a seal that was caught in the rope. They had to go up to a big group of seals to help the little guy. It wasn’t easy to find him because everyone was running away from the two guys, but they did it quickly.

Once they had the seal, they could see how hurt he was because his skin had grown over the knots. As Antoine and Denzil worked carefully to get the rope off the seal, another little friend came to help. Even though it was just a baby, this seal stayed calm by their side. Since animals usually run away when they see them, they didn’t mind having some nice company.

This little seal was so interested in the people who came to help that he stayed even after the bigger seal was set free. This meant, of course, that he had joined them.

“We now have a new team member,” said one of the rescues. “Your name is going to be Billy. Billy is now a member of the team.”
Watch the video below to see this dangerous escape and how cute Billy is.

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