In an adorable baby elephant thanks a girl for helping it get out of the mud.

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People have built homes in many wild animal areas, which is something everyone knows. Wildlife faces many problems when roads are being built and forests are being cut down for farming and industry use. It warms my heart to hear that people are doing something to help these animals. A young child was seen helping a baby elephant that was stuck on the side of a road that people had built.

In the Reddit video posted by user u/PxN13, the baby elephant looks like it’s having trouble getting out of the mud that has gathered on the side of the road. But a little girl steps in to help and shows him how to get out by lifting one leg and then the other. When the elephant finally got out of the muck, it was thrilled and happy. It even lifts its trunk to show the little kid how grateful it is.

This video has been watched over 45,000 times in just four days and has moved people to tears. “I find elephants so interesting—they’re so smart!””This person on Reddit wrote. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. While the other animals may have been scared, the calf knew she was there to help. “The heart-melting trunk nod at the end!” cried someone else. Such as, “You’re great, x.” Thank you for that.

A lot of people told the girl she was very brave, since elephants are big animals that can scare people. One person wrote, “I can’t even imagine walking down the road and seeing an elephant.” Another person said, “Touching elephants is terrifying. They are so strong that I think it would be easy for them to kill you.” It makes me feel very humble.

A third person said, “It’s nice that she kept encouraging the elephant, but she was literally unable to move any part of this little one, no matter how hard she tried.” Others said that the elephants are stuck because people are entering their habitats, which is sad and heartbreaking. “That ending, what a creature they are,” someone said. Very, very smart. People, on the other hand, are ruining their way of life. Like having more animals. I hate that we are ruining the homes of so many living things.

Girl frees baby elephant stuck on the side of the road
byu/PxN13 inMadeMeSmile

There were also comments on Reddit that said the elephant would always remember the little girl. Someone said, “It’s so cute that the elephant raised its trunk to show she appreciated and cared about her afterward.” I wonder if it will remember her and connect with her over the years. Some animals get very happy when they see the person who helped them. “Did you know that elephants’ brains react to people the same way humans do to puppies?””Said someone else. They think we’re cute.”

“Elephants are very pretty, friendly, and smart animals.” Someone else said, “They amaze me.” At its heart, this beautiful movie shows that animals are always kind and caring. They are only violent when they are dealing with a stressful event or when they feel threatened.

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