Incredible Footage Shows a Humpback Whale Scooping Two Women Into its Mouth

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A Humpback Whale is seen putting two women in its mouth in shocking video footage.

When the terrible thing happened, Julie McSorley and Liz Cottriel were kayaking in California’s San Luis Obispo Bay. A huge humpback whale ate the two and held them in its mouth for a short time. Some close people caught the whole thing on camera. It all happened so fast that the women didn’t realise they were in the whale’s mouth until they watched the tape later.

There were two women kayaking in California when a humpback whale almost ate them. One of the women’s phones caught the scary moment.

Humps were active in the bay near Avila Beach in the autumn of 2020, when the event took place. Kayakers and paddlers, like McSorley, came to the area to watch them eat. So, when Cottriel came back to visit, McSorley talked her friend into going again, even though her friend wasn’t sure.

Paddleboarders rush to the pair to make sure they haven’t been swallowed by the whale

“She said, “No, I don’t like the ocean.” I’m afraid of sharks. Anything I can’t see in the water scares me. I lied to her and said, “Oh, they’ll never throw you over.” The boats are very stable. “There’s been no trouble,” McSorley said.

Everything was calm for the first hour in the water. In boats with life jackets on, the two women would look for “bait balls,” which are groups of fish. They would then wait for the whales to eat them and move on to the next spot a few minutes later. While McSorley and Cottriel were waiting for the next bait ball, they saw small fish all around them.

“I knew it would be close; I’ve seen whales breach right next to kayaks before.” “That’s when I thought, ‘This is going to be really cool,'” McSorley said. “All of a sudden, the boat rose up, and we were thrown into the water pretty quickly.”

She said she could see the whale’s mouth closing in on them and was sure she was going to die. “I was under water the next thing I knew.” Thank goodness, the women come back safe and sound with an amazing story to tell.

The event can be seen on the movie below. You need to see it to believe it.



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