Murphy Leaves The Schnecksville Zoo Breaking Everyone’s Heart

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The Schnecksville zoo had sadly released news about the demise of a Masai giraffe named Murphy, who had brought a smile to everyone’s face by its nature. He had been 20 years old when he died. The staff and people who love Murphy are very sad about it.
He has had some minor illnesses related to health and has been monitored by the care team. Also, had been undergoing treatments. More info & Photo courtesy: The Morning Call
The released news also said that he had not fully responded to the treatments done, and sadly they had euthanized him humanely.

They had said in October 2019 that Murphy had a disease. Murphy that he could have some days left. Also, he had been treated for some issues in the urinary tract from January 2019, and it had been worsening. Melissa Lindenmuth, then president of the zoo at that time, had said that they wanted to be more apparent to the fans of Murphy.

The giraffe had come to the zoo when he was 16 years old in 2017. It had been with a 5-year-old giraffe named Tatu at the zoo. Murphy’s 6-year-old son Ernie also had passed in May 2017 as he had suffered from a broken neck. That had happened due to a strike by Murphy while his son was leaning to Murph’s stall. Officials had said that it’s not sure if the strike was for fun or out of anger.

He had been a representative to his species by letting other people know how important conserving and preserving Masai giraffes is. Also, he had been an excellent example for the little giraffes too. It had been a part of a program.

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