Nature’s Delight: Caiman Wears Crown of Butterflies in Once-In-A-Lifetime Photo

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PIC BY MARK COWAN / CATERS NEWS - (PICTURED: A caiman along the Los Amigos river had butterflies land on the back of its head.) - This chap looks like hes ready to SNAP a selfie - and hes even got his own version of the famous butterfly crown filter! The caiman looks as though hes having a ball as the kaleidoscope of butterflies flutter around his head. In one shot, the beast even appears to be smiling for the camera - and in another he tilts his head in a classic selfie pose. The stunning snaps were taken by Mark Cowan in Los Amigos River of South eastern Peru. Mark, a research scientist from Doubleview, Australia, captured the moment during a science trip to Loas Amigos River with his colleagues from Michigan State University. SEE CATERS COPY.

Beautiful Nature: A once-in-a-lifetime picture shows a caiman wearing a crown of butterflies.

A stunning picture shows a caiman wearing a hat made of colourful butterflies, showing how well animals can live together. Mark Cowan took this picture while on a trip to study the range of reptiles and amphibians in the Amazon. It is a beautiful picture that also tells us something about the environment.

A lot of different coloured butterflies love to hang out on the caiman as it relaxes along the Los Amigos River in the southeast of Peru. The interesting picture looks almost unreal, like the animal has adopted nature’s version of the butterfly crown filter that people use on social media.

In spite of what most people think, these exactly timed shots were not altered digitally. A study scientist from Australia named Cowan took great care to capture the real beauty of this scene. His coworkers at Michigan State University saw this amazing event, which clears up any questions about the photo’s authenticity.

Ready for his close-up! This caiman left social media devotees green with envy when he flaunted nature’s version of the butterfly crown filter in this snap, taken in south-eastern Peru

There is a deeper link revealed as the caiman basks in the sun and butterflies flutter around it. These flying animals, which need salts and minerals to stay alive, find comfort in the caiman’s company. The water on the reptile’s skin contains important nutrients, making a unique mutually beneficial relationship that keeps the environment alive.

Snap happy: Surrounded by a kaleidoscope of colourful butterflies, the reptile couldn’t help but grin as he sunbathed on the bank of the Los Amigos River in south-eastern Peru

This picture is appealing not only because it looks good, but also because it can teach you something. In addition to being beautiful to look at, it shows a small part of the complex web of life in the Amazon. The fact that different species live together and depend on each other for food shows how delicately balanced nature is.

Don’t be fooled! In one shot, he tilted his head in a classic selfie pose – but he didn’t need any help from the popular butterfly Snapchat filter which has been sweeping the internet

This beautiful picture by Cowan, called “Butterflies and Caiman,” won a Special Commendation in the Ecology and Environmental Science Category of the 2016 Royal Society Publishing Photography Competition. This picture shows how powerful visual storytelling can be. It makes us think about the amazing things in nature and the interesting stories that happen in them.

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