Newly Hatched Golden Plovers Blend in Perfectly with Their Surroundings

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Golden Plover chicks blend in perfectly with their surroundings.


The back and cap of a golden plover are covered with black and gold spots, which makes them stand out. But what’s really amazing about these birds is how well they fit in with the moss where they nest.


The Golden Plover is a bird that hatch with the power of camouflage fully activated. These fluffy birds match the mossy Arctic nesting site perfectly: Image source: Miguenzo

These birds of prey live in the Arctic tundra. The males build nests on the ground, and the females line them with moss, grass, and lichens. The chicks have been made to blend in with their surroundings, so it’s hard to tell them apart from the moss.

In Iceland, there is a European golden plover. They go to the country for the summer. Quirin Herzog took the picture.
For food and to breed, golden plovers journey long distances. Some of them go over 25,000 miles a year. They used to be killed in the 1800s, though, and their numbers have dropped because of habitat loss and climate change.

There was an American golden plover lying in the grass. Dominic Sherony took the picture.
Even with these problems, the International Union for Conservation of Nature rates all kinds of golden plover as “Least Concern,” and work is being done to keep them safe. These birds are a real work of nature and a great example of how adaptable and strong animals can be.

An European golden plover in Iceland. They spend the summer in the country. Image credit: Quirin Herzog

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