Thanks to kind people, an owl hit by a car is now on the way to getting better.

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A car hit an owl in Westbrook, Maine, while it was flying about two days ago. People who saw what happened didn’t think twice about stopping what they were doing to ensure the bird was okay. This kind group of strangers knew they had to do something when it became clear that wasn’t the case.

Even though the group kept them safe until more help arrived, the bird finally fled into the nearby woods. Lucky for them, a Westbrook police officer was not far behind and was determined to find the chicken. Luckily, the cop was able to do that soon enough. From there, a Game Warden took the bird to a nearby place where it could get better. Here, there is hope that the owl will get better and be able to fly again.

There’s no telling what would have happened to this poor owl without the kind people who saw what happened to it. We can’t thank them and the Westbrook Maine Police Department enough for caring so much about our flying friends!

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