The brave pig is thrilled that the cops caught him.

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If you find yourself in the back of a police command car, it’s likely that something didn’t go as planned. In the end, not everyone thinks that getting jailed is a good time.

If you’re not Elvis Pigsley, that is.

Elvis Pigsley lives in Alaska with his loving owner, Angela Mullen-Herrera. Being raised in a loving home and getting lots of love is great for Elvis, but he wants to travel and make new memories.

Mullen-Herrera said in an interview that he has had a lot of different kinds of situations. Escape art is what he does best. I’ve had to offer him apple pieces many times before to get him to come back.

Even so, tasty candies wouldn’t be enough to get Elvis back home after his latest adventure.

Elvis recently managed to get through a fence at his house during a light rain, which let him see everything outside. What new shocks did this most recent adventure event have in store? It’s only Elvis who could guess.

After the fat rubberneck had been hanging out in the neighbourhood for a while, someone who was worried about him called the police.

Not long after, Elvis Pigsley put himself under arrest when the cops showed up.

For the friendly gormandizer, it wasn’t really a big deal, but still, if one of his wanderings had ended with the same joy!

Elvis looked happy as he got out of the back seat of the police car.

Mullen-Herera also said, “He seems genuinely impressed with himself.” He clearly had a good time.

Because Elvis is so well-known in the area, it wasn’t hard for the police who were arresting him to find his home.

“He told me it went well and that the police were really nice and understanding,” she writes. Mullen-Herrera’s husband was home to let them in.

Elvis, on the other hand, was only given a warning.

Both this and Elvis’s other adventures show that gormandizers are usually smart and perceptive animals, and that keeping them as favourites can be harder than you might think.

In a good turn of events, Alaska Potbelly Pig Rescue is helping Mullen-Herera dress like Elvis.

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