The mother goose takes care of and births 47 goslings.

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A mother goose raises 47 goslings.

Mike never really noticed birds before, but one day everything changed.

He has his camera with him all the time. He found the ducks by accident at first.

He went for a walk along the river every night. There were a lot of geese there because they were coming in from the south to find a place to nest.

In the spring, he saw the first batch of pups. In order to pass the time, he started shooting ducks.

One night, he was resting in the reeds by the river when he saw a mother goose with a very large group of chicks. At dusk, she saw 16 soft shapes curled under their mother’s feathers. The kids had been sleeping under her wings.

One day he saw 25 chicks, the next day he saw 30. This went on until he found a mother goose and her partner with 47 chicks. He found out that this wonderful mother takes care of kids from different houses.

Parents who are very patient take care of other people’s kids so that their friends can have a few nights off. This is when brigades start.

It was clear that she was meant to do this job.

Three huge families have grown since then, but this wonderful mother and her husband are still in charge of the kids. They’ll take care of them until it’s time to go back to the south.

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