When The Light Poles in a Small Argentine Town Were Replaced, They Saved the Woodpeckers’ Home

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The woodpeckers’ home was saved when the light poles in a small town in Argentina were changed.

There are two things attached to light poles in the middle of Argentina that show how kind people can be.

The small, remote town of Ucacha in Argentina’s Córdoba province recently had to make a tough choice about how to improve its light poles. As the project was being planned, it became clear that it might affect the homes of two families of woodpeckers in the area.

Image credit: Gustavo Oscar Perusia

But instead of giving up on the project, the leaders of the town came up with a clever way to move forward with the upgrade while still protecting the woodpeckers’ homes.

Campo flicker woodpeckers were the ones in question. Both of these species live mostly in the plains of Argentina. People know these birds by their unique feathers and loud calls. They are an important part of the environment in the area.

The original plan for the upgrade project called for putting light poles right in the middle of a woodpeckers’ home. Two families of woodpeckers lived in the old wooden poles that were going to be taken down. There was a need for action.

To protect the birds’ homes, Gustavo Bernardi, the project manager, told his workers to cut the two wooden light poles in a way that wouldn’t damage the woodpeckers’ houses.The workers had to pay attention to how high and which way the two nests were facing.

Image credit: Gustavo Oscar Perusia

They were trying to protect the birds’ home, but they weren’t sure if it would work. Thankfully, things have changed since then, and the birds can live together in their old and new homes without any trouble. They still use them today.

This small change meant that the birds could stay in their environment without any problems, and it also gave the town a chance to improve its lighting system.

Image credit: Gustavo Oscar Perusia

Animal rights groups and locals alike praised the community project for caring about the environment and animals. The project shows how important it is to balance conservation with growth and how small changes can help protect endangered species in a big way.

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