Wildlife Enthusiast Lets Black Widow Bite Him on Purpose to Debunk Myths Surrounding the Arachnid

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A wildlife enthusiast lets a black widow spider bite him on purpose to dispel myths about the spider.

Most people know how dangerous it can be to come across poisonous animals in the wild, especially spiders and snakes. One spider, the black widow, may not be as dangerous as was thought before, though. Still, getting them to bite is not a good idea because the effects can last for a long time. In any case, a YouTube station known for its scary animal encounters has shown what happens when the spider does attack.

Photo Credit: Jack’s World of Wildlife | YouTube


Most black widow bites are painful and cause a lot of pain.

Jack Schonhof of Jack’s World of Wildlife put up a movie in which he let a black widow spider bite him. He did say that the black widow bite wasn’t as dangerous as people thought it was, but people still shouldn’t let one bite them (yes, we had to say that). Jack had symptoms for two weeks after being bitten by a black widow spider. One of them was “the worst” lower back pain. In the video, Jack says that a black widow needs a lot of things to get angry. “Once more, these widow spiders don’t want to bite at all.” The only way a black widow spider could possibly bite you is if you pin it to your skin. He gave a reason. “Check your shoes if you leave them outside.” Check your stuff before you put it on if you leave it in the garage.

Some watchers were not sure that a black widow might not really be a threat to their lives. “You didn’t make me change my mind about black widows.” You still showed me how to stay away from them ” Showed one friend. Though, some people have praised him for being brave and wanting to clear up misunderstandings people have about animals, like the black widow’s deadly bite. No matter what, it’s still not a good idea to bother a black widow because their bite is still poisonous and can be very dangerous to your health. Additionally, it is always possible for someone to be allergic to black widow bites. In this case, it can quickly become dangerous to your life.

Photo Credit: Jack’s World of Wildlife | YouTube

A Mission to Teach Others

Jack doesn’t just disappear into the wild, which is crazy. He deliberately upsets wildlife to show people what happens when wildlife fights back. They have a lot of movies where he shows how being around poisonous animals has affected him. There are even a scorpion and other poisonous spiders, ants, and centipedes among them. People who follow him think that his bravery and love for the outdoors are “criminally underrated.”

A lot of false ideas about Black Widows

Thoughts about the black widow’s “lethal” bite aren’t the only ones that were wrong. Some people think that a black widow spider might like living inside. This isn’t true, though, and most of the time they get inside by mistake. Most of the time, they’re hidden in fruits and vegetables. This is because bugs are what the black widow and other spiders eat. that is, those that hurt crops. So, finding a black widow in food can be a good sign because it means the fruits and veggies may not have any other bugs on them.

Second, black widow spiders don’t usually bite. Jack’s movie shows that it takes a lot to get them to do something. Because of this, a black widow rarely bites a person. They’re actually calm creatures that would rather run and hide than “fight back.”

Very helpful to have around

Lastly, a black widow spider bite isn’t fun, but it’s good to let them roam outside because they eat other bugs that hurt houses, like termites and ants, or crops, like fruit flies. If a black widow comes into the house, letting it go seems like a better choice than killing it. Get a piece of paper and a big glass jar. Put the spider in the jar and cover it with paper so it can’t get out. Then, go to a close tree and let it go.

Many people are afraid of spiders, but their fear only makes sense in some situations. And it’s easy to fix by learning more about it and having more respect for all the living things on Earth.


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