A Gorilla And A Woman Meet Each Other With Their Newborn Babies

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This is the heart-melting moment when a gorilla and a woman fall in love with their newborn babies! Mother’s love is undoubtedly the most powerful force on earth and this viral moment proves that perfectly.

At the moment when Michael Austin’s family decided to visit the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston, they never thought that they would experience the most emotional encounters between a human and wildlife. “When I went to the zoo that day, I never thought we would have this experience,” Emmily explained.

They had a good experience when they got close to the endangered Western Lowland gorilla, Kiki. The family stopped for a moment because they saw a gorilla in the company of her 7-month-old son. It didn’t take long for Kiki and her baby Pablo to reach their guest, but do you know? What happened next was beyond any imagination.

“My wife picked up our son to show Kiki,” Michael shared with THE DODO. “Then in a flash, she (Kiki) grabbed Pablo and put him on her leg to take him to us.”

The two mothers then performed this magical interaction for a few minutes. All this time they spoke the same language. It was a really special and tight bond. Michael also caught that incredible moment on his mobile and they became viral throughout the world.

“It was an amazing experience,” Michael explains. “Kiki talked to us with both hands. Pablo at one point pushed his face into the glass and they stared at him, touching his nose. My wife and I had tears in our eyes.

So see, mother’s love is same for every toddle no?

Here you can watch that adorable moment:

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