A horse mom who lost her baby takes in an orphaned foal!

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The “happy dance” the mother horse does when she sees her baby for the first time is so beautiful.

I love hearing stories like this. Both the mother and the child have a new child, which is a great chance for both of them. God is a great being who also cares for his creatures, so I’m glad she agreed to take the orphaned foal! Queen Uniek, a Friesian horse from the Netherlands, was carrying her first foal. She knew something was wrong when she started to give birth and was burning her lips and prancing around her stable because she wasn’t ne

After an hour, Uniek gave birth. The doctors who helped her took out a foal that wasn’t breathing. They did everything they could to save him, but it was too late. The upset mare tried to revive her foal many times by licking him, but it didn’t work. The foal was taken from the mare’s stall while Yvonne continued to comfort Uneik.

She knew that her beloved horse was in a lot of pain.

Then, great news for Yvonne and the rest of the Friesian Horses team! A friend told her over the phone that they had an orp and a haned foal in their care. Yvonne wanted to ask Uniek if she would be interested in taking the foal in as her own. The first few times they met, they were hesitant. The foal sniffed back, and they could tell she was happy to see the foal because she danced a bit, almost like she was clai

They found the sweet mother and son in their stable the next day. Uniek really liked the foal she had adopted, so she followed him everywhere he went. Rising Star and Uniek often shared a path. Rising Star was the happiest foal she had ever seen. Like any young animal, he ran and moved around freely, and Uniek made sure to keep her baby in view as she followed closely behind him. Happy that the mother and baby did well in the the

Rising Star was raised by Uniek, who was a very loving and protective mother to him. He is now a lovely one year old, and Uniek is doing well and is healthy. Rising Star is now a bit sassy, and Uniek was great with her.

She is such a beautiful and royal young woman! She is thrilled to have a child to care for and seems like a great mother. I’m glad they were able to reunite this foal with its mother; she looks happy and the foal now has a mother. They are both very pretty. Thank you for taking care of these lovely animals.

May God bless this wonderful and lovely new family! 🏏🙏🙏 Read more about this touching story below:

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