A Man Removes Barnacles From The Sea Turtle’s Shell

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Many people try to damage marine animals; here’s a child from Srilanka who gets barnacles from the shells of the sea turtles. Barnacles are a kind of shellfish, and they stick onto tough surface areas. Clearly, There’s not much harm from one barnacle; a group of them might trigger damage. And as a result, this kind-hearted man named Chika Child helps the turtles in his area. More information & Image politeness:

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Photo: Jessica Wong

It is not specified whether the turtles are experiencing these barnacles, yet there are opportunities for infections. The kid had shared a video on YouTube where he gets rid of barnacles from turtles’ shells. If several barnacles stick onto the shells, it could be challenging for the turtle to swim properly and locate food. He had actually claimed that. If they stick near the animals’ eyes, their vision could be affected and claimed that. If the barnacles affix near the mouth, it would undoubtedly be challenging for them to eat and hazardous.

With using a knife, he removes them out very meticulously without injuring the turtle. Some barnacles are tough to get rid of, but he eliminates them out in some way. As well as after eliminating the barnacles, he brings the turtle back to the coastline and releases it. In another video he shared, he saves a turtle embedded in a fishing net and then eliminates the barnacles on its covering. This man does a great job helping pets out.

#2 Chika Boy helps the sea turtles out

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