A woman sings a lullaby to her favourite elephant to calm her down.

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Most people feel close to and care about their pets. A lot of people have a bond with a dog or cat. It can also happen with an elephant, though. This really is magic!

Additionally, it is common for a mother to sing to her children, but she sings to the baby elephant! It’s Not the Same!
Call her Lek. She has a special bond with Faa Mai, an Asian elephant she has taken care of since she was a child. She’s like a mother to the baby elephant. They become very close because of that!

The elephant nature park in Chiang Mai, Thailand, is where Faa Mai lives. Lek takes care of the animals there. She loves and cares for animals a lot. A lot of time is spent taking care of the elephant. She is often seen making love to the elephant while sitting with it and stroking its neck and ears.

Faa Mai looks sleepy, but she’s dancing and singing along! Elephants can move in so many ways that this small action can feel like someone touching our stomach. The elephant looks calm because he occasionally wags his tail or ears.

Lek treats the elephant like a child all the time!

I am sure that the elephant will always remember how kind its real mother was. They love and care for each other so much! May God bless you both!!

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