Indiana Pair’s Maternal Photo Shoot Photobombed By A Funny Horse

An Indiana pair had done a maternity photo shoot in addition to their equines. The couple Amanda Eckstein and Phillip Wenner had done the shoot with Kristen Zaffiro, the professional photographer. When the professional photographer asked Buckshot, the horse, to smile, he provided a hilarious smile during the picture shoot.

The picture was posted on Kristen’s Facebook, and she had actually stated that it was one of the very best shots she had done. When she asked to, she had mentioned that who would have thought that the horse would smile. The article had actually gone viral with about 138k likes, 323k shares, and additionally, it had gotten 30,000 comments.

#1. The couple had celebrated their pregnancy by having a photoshoot.

#2. Their horse Buckshot had given a good smile when he was asked to by the photographer.

#3. He had started with a small smile but in the end, it was a super big smile.



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