A playful brown bear takes a bath in the lake while the rest of his group hunts for salmon.

The brown bear (Ursus Arctos) is one of the larger bear species that live in both Eurasia and North America.

Bears like fish because it is one of their favorite things to eat. So it makes sense that fishing is one of their favorite things to do… But fishing isn’t always the most fun thing for the playful brown bear.

People saw the brown bear swimming in Russia’s Kurile Lake while his friends were upstream fishing for salmon.

This playboy cleaned himself up like a man and took a 10-minute bath. Giuseppe D’Amico, who has a law degree, took these amazing photos with his camera.

Giuseppe said, “I was taking pictures of bears fishing upstream for red salmon when I saw this bear far away.”

He took some great pictures of this playful boy rolling around in the lake while playing.”He washed his hair like a human would, and it was funny. He really wanted to do it, but he was so clumsy,” said Giuseppe.

The number of brown bears has gone down, but the IUCN still lists them as a species of “least concern” because there are still about 200,000 of them. It’s a sad thing, though.

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