The tiny terrier mother has a lot of puppies, which surprises the vets.

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A small terrier with a huge stomach got stuck at a shelter in rural Kentucky that was already full and needed help. The rescue had way too many dogs, so something had to be done.

The mother was in trouble, but luckily, the Kentucky Humane Society’s vets heard about it and quickly helped her. The huge litter was ready, and they got there just in time. The dog, who is now known as Momma Malone, was checked out by a group of vets who told her that the puppy looked like it would need a C-section to be born.

Dr. Emily Bewley was both nervous and thrilled when she gave birth to the puppies. The people were very grateful that the mother dog went to the Kentucky Humane Society to give birth to her kids safely.

Mama Malone lived at Dr. Bewley’s house while she was almost fully pregnant. Because she knew the puppies were on their way, she made sure that the whole medical team was ready to help with the safe delivery.

Her child rode on her back to the shelter with her, which made the mom feel better. At the same time, the veterinary team was getting ready for the coming of many puppies. Once they got to the shelter, the process only took twenty minutes to finish.

Most small dogs have between two and five pups. Mama Malone, on the other hand, had nine pups. The vets were worried that Momma Malone might have trouble getting along with her kids, but there was no problem in the end. She loved her little group. She looked like she was taking wonderful care of everyone.

The shelter will take her and her dog until March. After that, they will be ready to look for a long-term place to live.

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