The brave flight attendants break the protocol to save the dog’s life during the flight

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Dogs are considered as our guardian angels, and there are plenty of stories of their heroic – life-saving – actions. However, even an angel needed help. But when this little puppy needed help, two flight attendants came and saved her life!

When Michele Burt, her husband Steven, and their three dogs boarded a JetBlue flight from Florida to Massachusetts, it must have been a normal flight for them as they had traveled many times. Respecting protocols, Burts kept dogs in carriers under their seats. But shortly after takeoff, Michele saw that one of her dogs, named Darcy, a beautiful French bulldog, was having trouble breathing.

Anxious, Michele opens Darcy’s carrier door to examine her. The woman knew she was acting contrary to the flying company’s protocol, but her dog was in danger.
“I saw that her tongue was blue, and I knew it was a sign that she was not getting enough oxygen,” the woman revealed later. “I took her out from under the seat and put her on my lap to help her cool down and help her rest when she was breathing nervously and frantically.”

Renaud Spencer, an air hostess, had no idea about what was happening, and as the flight protocol was extremely strict in these circumstances, she first asked Michele to return her dog. However, she quickly got to know that it could be a serious matter, so she was quick to help but not before warning her colleague Diane Asher.

The two women initially used several ice bags to cool Darcy but failed. Then, the owner of the Renaud – French Bulldog also had another idea. But contrary to protocol. However, she was willing to have the risk to save the poor dog’s life.

“She [Renaud] brought a small oxygen tank and fitted the mask and gave it, ‘Maybe this will work,'” Michele said. “I believe Renaud and Diane saved a life, some may not consider the value of life because Darcy is a dog – I do not.”

Despite having to act contrary to the rules, the actions of the two flight attendants saved Darcy’s life. So, after they landed and Darcy was completely healed, Michele thought to write a letter thanking this two very kind and helpful women. “I just wanted to say thank you to JetBlue, Reynolds, and Diane for doing their job and being great people!”

Looking at the situation, the company cannot be proud. They even praised the actions of the two women! “Our mission is to inspire humanity and we are very proud of our outstanding staff members who have always shown a passion for excellent customer service,” JetBlue said in a statement.

With the real sense of the word, it was appreciable work done by those two flight attendants.

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