When a baby kangaroo loses its mother, it clings to a teddy bear and thinks of it as a friend.

You are currently viewing When a baby kangaroo loses its mother, it clings to a teddy bear and thinks of it as a friend.
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In Grafton, New South Wales, in southeast Australia, “Doodlebug” was found on the side of the road. He only weighed about 3 1/2 pounds.

It’s been months since the little rabbit was saved. Tim Beshara and his mother, Gillian Abbott, still don’t understand why he was left behind.

“We don’t know whether his mother had died either through a car accident or a dog attack, or whether he simply was abandoned,” Beshara told CBS News.

Anyway, it looks like the kangaroo, who is now 15 months old, is finally learning how to stay alive.

Doodlebug’s favourite stuffed animal, teddy bears, keep him company.

“The kangaroo will lay in the grass next to the teddy, will cuddle the teddy and even practise his kicking against the teddy,” said Beshara.

This week, a picture of the best friends went viral.

“My mother, who takes care of animals, gave this to me.” showing how important a warm hug can be, especially for a wallaby that has lost its parents. Beshara wrote on Twitter on Tuesday, “#wildoz.”

The tweet was shared by over 3,300 people, and hundreds more told their thoughts on it.

Abbott, a retired worker from Grafton, New South Wales, spends her free time taking care of animals that are hurt or left behind on her small plot of wild land. It was through that that she met Doodlebug and the cute animal met her son, who works for the senator and is from Australia.

Doodlebug is currently on a “soft release,” which means he can go into the bush whenever he wants, but he will still come back to eat every so often.

“My mum still sees him most days,” he said, adding that the “joey” likes to jump around his mum’s wooded property. “She is thankful that this image is providing joy to so many people around the world.”

The “world” also praised Abbott and her son for being there with the happy event.

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