Bear cubs being kids and having fun were caught on camera!

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About six years ago, a wildlife photographer in Finland started using his photos to show the natural beauty of his country. This is a story about one of the many amazing things he saw and did because he spent so much time taking pictures of wildlife.

Valtteri looked into a place in the woods near Martinselkonen. He saw a group of young cubs playing in a clearing in the woods.

Valtteri thought that the people he saw were kids playing on a playground in his neighbourhood because the things he saw were so beautiful. He said that when he watched the bear babies, they were like kids. He watched as the cubs played together in a way that reminded him of a circle of people dancing.

Valtteri could stand 50 metres away from this funny thing and have a clear view of how it starts. Valtteri was able to take these beautiful pictures all evening and into the night because of this.

You can find bears everywhere in Finland except on the Aland Islands. These beautiful animals have set up their areas in the southern and eastern parts of the country, where they live.

Because these young bears are playing, we can tell that bears are born knowing how to use their strong front legs. The way they hunt, climb, and swim shows this. Bears are very strong animals that are good at almost everything they do while living in the wild.

Valtteri was very lucky to have the chance to take such clear pictures of the bear cubs and their mother. In the wild, bears usually try to stay away from people. They can stay out of harm’s way by being very alert and moving quietly.

Before the shooting season in Finland started in 2019, the Finnish Natural Resources Institute said that there were between 2020 and 2130 bears.

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