They tried to take Panda’s ball, and he had the cutest temper tantrum (video).

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A baby panda is one of the most beautiful animals in the world. They look like huge, soft teddy bears. This sweet movie shows that they are also very active and have great personalities. This little bear is crazy about his ball and has the cutest games with his caretakers. most happy writers.

It’s okay for animal kids to want to play with toys. Toys teach kids important social skills, like how to get along with others and work together, as well as useful lessons for real life. This baby panda, on the other hand, is keen to keep his ball to himself.

The San Diego Zoo shared this cute video of a panda cub playing with a ball with the people who take care of him. As Xiao Liwu was taking his 18th exam, a ball was given to him to “test his balance and inspire him to play with new things.”

You can give young pandas a lot of different toys to play with during their checkups so they can learn more about their surroundings. Two balls, some grass, and a tree branch were given to Baby Xiao Liwu.

Xiao Liwu knew how to use the bamboo and tree branch, but he had never used a ball before. There is nothing else the little bear wants to do besides play with his ball.

People who were taking care of him tried to take the ball away from him, but he wouldn’t let go. This baby panda is without a doubt the cutest thing we’ve seen in a while.


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