The Secret Life of Squirrels: How and Why They Bury Their Food

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Have you ever wondered what squirrels do with all the nuts and seeds they collect? Do they eat them right away, store them in their nests, or hide them somewhere else? The answer is not as simple as you might think. Squirrels have a fascinating and complex behavior of burying their food, also known as caching, that helps them survive the winter and benefit the forest ecosystem. In this post, we will explore how and why squirrels bury their food, and what strategies they use to remember and protect their caches.


## How Do Squirrels Bury Their Food?


Squirrels are scatter hoarders, which means they hide their food in many different locations, rather than keeping it in one place. They usually bury their food about an inch deep in the soil, using their paws and teeth to dig a hole and cover it up. Squirrels can bury hundreds or even thousands of nuts and seeds in a season, depending on the availability of food and the size of their territory. They can also cache their food in other places, such as under leaves, in tree hollows, or in cracks and crevices.


Squirrels are selective about what they bury and where they bury it. They prefer to bury high-quality food, such as acorns, walnuts, and hazelnuts, that can last for a long time and have a high nutritional value. They also prefer to bury their food in areas that are safe, accessible, and suitable for germination. For example, squirrels may avoid burying their food near roads, fences, or predators, and choose locations that have moist soil, shade, and vegetation.


## Why Do Squirrels Bury Their Food?


Squirrels bury their food for two main reasons: to create a food reserve for the winter, and to help the seeds germinate and grow into new plants. Squirrels do not hibernate, so they need to have a reliable source of food during the cold and snowy months, when food is scarce and hard to find. By burying their food, squirrels ensure that they have a stash of food that they can access whenever they need it. Burying their food also protects it from being eaten by other animals, such as birds, mice, or other squirrels.


However, squirrels do not always remember or recover all the food they bury. In fact, studies have shown that squirrels may forget or lose up to 74% of their caches. This may seem like a waste, but it actually has a positive impact on the environment. By burying their food, squirrels help the seeds disperse and germinate, creating new plants and trees that provide food and shelter for many other animals. Squirrels are especially important for the regeneration of oak forests, as they are one of the main dispersers of acorns, the seeds of oak trees.


## How Do Squirrels Remember and Protect Their Caches?


Squirrels have an impressive memory and spatial ability that help them remember and locate their caches. Squirrels use a mnemonic technique called spatial chunking, which means they group their caches by size, type, or quality of food, and associate them with landmarks, such as rocks, trees, or buildings. This way, they can remember where to find the food they want, without having to search randomly or check every cache.


Squirrels also have some clever tricks to protect their caches from being stolen by other animals. Squirrels can smell and detect the buried food of other squirrels, and they often try to pilfer it for themselves. Squirrels can lose up to 25% of their caches to thieves, so they have to be vigilant and defensive. Some of the strategies that squirrels use to prevent theft are:


– Burying and reburying their food, to keep a fresh memory of its location and to confuse potential thieves.

– Creating fake caches, to deceive and distract other squirrels. Squirrels may pretend to dig a hole and cover it up, without actually putting any food in it, or they may move the food from one cache to another.

– Hiding their food in hard-to-reach places, such as under bushes, in muddy areas, or near thorny plants.

– Guarding their caches, by chasing away or fighting with other squirrels that come too close.


## Conclusion


Squirrels are amazing animals that have a remarkable behavior of burying their food. This behavior helps them survive the winter, and also benefits the forest ecosystem. Squirrels use their memory and spatial skills to remember and locate their caches, and their cunning and aggression to protect them from thieves. The next time you see a squirrel digging in the ground, you can appreciate the secret life of squirrels and their role in nature.


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