Thirty hummingbirds met in a birdbath for a small pool party.

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Have you ever seen a sparrow take a bath? It’s so cute, I tell you!

Thirty hummingbirds are swimming in a pool in this film. It looks like they got together here to take a bath. Or maybe they just wanted to have a party by the pool without anyone else there.
No matter what it is, this video is absolutely beautiful! Take a look.

Most people know that hummingbirds take pride in their territory. Most of the time, they fight over food, lovers, and territory. But right now, thirty hummingbirds are bathing together in peace and unity.

Also, who put up this amazing video?

Photographer Wildwingsla put this movie online. “This morning, thirty finches bathed together at the same time, which is a record!”I told him.” You never know when they’ll start bothering each other in an hour.

In this movie, you can see that each hummingbird bathes in its own unique way. Others like to be around other people a lot, while others are more laid-back and would rather stay where they are.

It’s very interesting to watch how each hummingbird in the pool reacts in its own way.

Image Credit & More Info; | wildwingsla/youtube

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