Lonely Puppy Found With a Heartbreaking Note

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The love we share for others, in some cases requires lots of sacrifices, and this boy was prepared to give up on his adorable friend, just to make sure he’s in a caretaking safe place. This child in Mexico couldn’t stand to find out his adorable Golden Retriever receiving maltreatments from his family, so he took the poor dog and tied him to a bench in a park. He was hoping a kind person will adopt the adorable dog. He also left a note next to the adorable dog to inspire his hardest decision.

Some people in the area spotted the scared dog and they called to a rescue. But before that, they are offering him something to eat and water. Within a few minutes, Azul Galindo and Marcela Goldberg from the animal welfare Mascotas Coyoacan arrived there quickly.

According to Marcela, Several neighbors in the area gathered and brought him food and water. Because poor dog left there tied to the bench with nothing. But they could not get close to the dog, because the adorable dog was so scared. The animal rescue team also found out a note next to the scared dog.

It hurts a lot to leave my adorable friend here. But I made the hardest decision of leaving him here. Because my family used to mistreat my adorable friend and also, it would always hurt me. If you’re reading this and your heartwarming, adopt my adorable buddy and take care of him. If not, please leave this note here. So, others can read it and adopt my friend. Thank you.”

Even terrified and confused at the beginning, the dog who’s around 8-month-old, calmed down as soon as he understood the rescuers’ intentions. There was a big transformation in his attitude after Marcela released his chain. The poor dog was then brought to the Mascotas Coyoacan facility. More than that, the adorable dog is no longer called Max. Because he awaits a new life chapter without remnants of his past life chapter. Now he’s waiting for a caretaking family to adopt him.

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