Behaviour Observed While Sleeping by Whales In The Ocean

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Stephane Granzotto, a French photographer and filmmaker, was looking at sperm whales in the Mediterranean Sea for his photo book on wildlife when he discovered something unusual. It is the sleeping pattern of these whales. Granzotto is credited with discovering this information.

These animals rest in a vertical stance deep within the ocean, giving the impression that they are standing when observed from the surface. Before a study in 2008 revealed it, nobody knew how they slept, and nobody had seen or documented this before this photographer.

According to an article that appeared in National Geographic, when they are in this position, they take deep breaths and sleep almost 45 feet under the ocean. And when they do sleep, they do it in groups of five to six whales called pods, and they slumber for around two hours at a time.

According to a study, the whales in Chile were in a deep sleep until they were accidentally woken up by a ship, which had its engine turned off at the time.

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More info & Photo courtesy: Stephane Granzotto/National Geographic

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