Do you know that Australian blue bees become viral after discovering that they exist?

Bee acts a crucial role (if not the most important) in the Earth’s ecosystems, so they are widely declared throughout the Earth. These little hard workers are a very common sight and everyone is very familiar with them, you should know that there is a completely different species of a bee than we all know – the blue bee – is an amazing species that lives only in Australia.

Native to Australia, blue-striped bees are certainly one of the most beautiful insects on the planet. As their name suggests, these beautiful creatures have their little bellies covered with metallic-blue stripes. But even though these amazing creatures can be found all over the continent – except Tasmania – whether they believe it or not, Aussie did not know they exist. Not yet, they can’t have enough of them!

Recently, a series of beautiful blue bees taken by wildlife photographer Nick Volpe surfaced on the internet and many Australians were completely viral without even knowing the animal existed.


Like any other bee (or insect), the blue bee also likes to surprise the flower. However, they do not produce honey, but they are known for a type of pollination called ‘buzz pollination because of the ability to extract pollen from certain flowers by shaking them.

Also known as Amegilla cingulate, this species is not invasive despite its bites. Blue bees can grow up to 0.45 inches and usually live a solitary life, lasting up to 40 days.

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