Exclusive: Giant Skull Of 150-Million-Year-Old “Sea Monster” Emerges From UK Cliffs

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A 150-million-year-old “sea monster”‘s huge skull has been found in the UK.

In a unique find, the huge skull of a prehistoric animal has been found on the rocks of the Jurassic Coast in Dorset, UK. This huge fossil is thought to be from a pliosaur, a type of marine lizard that lived 150 million years ago and was considered a real “sea monster” at the time.

The story began when a fossil fanatic found one by accident on a beach close to Kimmerage Bay. A piece of a giant snout showed that there might be something strange hidden beneath the cliffs. This led to an epic quest to get the rest of the skull back, with fossil experts carefully climbing up the side of the cliff to get it.

The skull that was found is almost seven feet long, which shows how huge this top predator was. They think it might be a whole new species because it has traits that haven’t been seen in any other pliosaur fossils. There is a lot of excitement in the paleontology world about this discovery.


Sir David Attenborough will talk about what this find means for science in a new BBC show called “Attenborough and the Giant Sea Monster.” The documentary will show the careful excavation process and include talks with scientists from around the world who will look at the skull to figure out how the pliosaur hunted and behaved.

The restored pliosaur skull, 150 million years old, excavated from the cliffs of the Jurassic Coast, Dorset

This huge fossil not only tells us about a time long ago, but it also makes us think of the amazing animals that used to rule the seas. The giant pliosaur skull is about to become an important part of paleontological study and an interesting way to learn more about life in the past.

Don’t miss the premiere of “Attenborough and the Giant Sea Monster” on BBC One and iPlayer on New Year’s Day to see the whole story of this amazing find!

Known as the ‘apex predator in the ocean’, the ancient creature is set to be the subject of a brand-new David Attenborough BBC documentary which airs on New Year’s Day


The ancient pliosaur was the ‘ultimate killing machine,’ able to navigate the ocean at high speed and kill its prey with a single bite


The skull has around 130 long and razor-sharp teeth. Each tooth has fine ridges at the back to pierce its prey’s flesh and prepare itself for a swift second attack



While the avid fossil hunters have worked with each other for decades, they describe this particular fossil as the biggest discovery they have ever faced

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