My husband gave my cat to an animal shelter without my permission. He says our relationship is “creepy,” so I’m asking for a divorce.

You are currently viewing My husband gave my cat to an animal shelter without my permission. He says our relationship is “creepy,” so I’m asking for a divorce.

After he gave her cat to an animal rescue without her permission, a woman said she is divorcing her husband.

This week, an unnamed wife from the US went to Reddit to ask if she was being too dramatic.

The woman wrote in her post that she got a kitten two years ago to help her get over the death of her father.

She wrote that she had a “hole” in her life and that it was hard to keep herself busy at home during the day, so she got a cat. His name is Benji.

The woman, from the US, shared her dilemma on Reddit earlier this week. She said she believed her cat was the reincarnation of her father [stock photo]

“I saved him when he was so small that he could fit in the palm of my hand, and I’ve had him for two years.”

The woman continued, “I really believe Benji is the reincarnation of my dad, even though I know that might sound crazy to some of you.”

“I feel more than a cat when I look into his eyes.

“Like a cat with a soul of a person. All the timing makes sense, or at least it does to me.

“Even if I’m crazy, the thought makes me feel better, and I don’t see what’s wrong with that.”

The woman’s husband has started to think that her closeness to Benji is “strange and unhealthy,” she says.

She wrote, “He says that my connection with the cat scares him and that the fact that I really believe that the cat has my dad’s soul makes him uncomfortable.”

Benji really saved me. It’s been two years since he died. He is the best friend I could have asked for.

The woman recently went on a trip to enjoy her mom’s birthday. While she was gone, her husband got rid of their cat.


The woman explained how her husband had used her holiday with her family as an opportunity to get rid of her beloved cat

She said, “While I was gone, I had no idea what was going on. The first thing I thought when I got home and couldn’t find the cat was that he must have gotten out.

“This already scared me because we never let him out, and God only knows what could happen to him out there!

“After my hurried search inside, and as I was going outside to keep looking, [my husband] told me that Benji was “staying with a friend.”

When the woman wrote the post, she thought her cat was with her husband’s co-worker and his wife, with whom they sometimes go out to dinner.

When she called her coworker, he said that Benji had been given to him “fair and square,” and he wouldn’t give him back.

She went on, saddened by what had happened: “My husband had no right to take the cat; it had always been mine.”

“I adopted him, I raised him, I care for him, and I’m the only one who ever spends money on him. I don’t know what to do.

“Benji has never been through anything like this, and I can only imagine how stressed he must be right now.” I’m sure I am.’

In a second post, the woman said that she had threatened to call the cops, which is how she found out that her husband had given Benji to an animal shelter.

She said she was “furious with rage” and added, “I immediately tracked down the shelter to get my boy back. I had all the papers I needed to prove he was mine, and he has a microchip.”

I took him right to my sister’s house, where I will also be living for the time being.

My sister has been through a divorce and remarried, so she will help me get everything in order and get ready to file for divorce.

“I’m so sad, but I’m also so happy that my poor boy is now safe at home! He was definitely upset and confused, but he is doing well at my sister’s house.

“My brother will go to my house and get anything I need, since I haven’t been there or seen my husband since I went to the shelter.”

“My family has always supported me in my choices, and they are all ready to help me in any way they can when I need it.”

Since the post went up two days ago, most of the people on Reddit have told the woman that she did the right thing by ending her marriage.




Since publishing the post two days ago, the majority of Reddit users reassured the woman that she had done the right thing by ending her marriage

One person said, “The part about reincarnation doesn’t matter. He did something terrible.” Some people are bad.

Someone else said, “So the husband was basically envious of a cat. What a scumbag.I’m glad she’s getting a divorce from him, because he’s a lot more crazy than he thinks she is.’

A third person said, “I’m always surprised when people do things like this and never once think, “Hmm, this could end my relationship.”

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