Four years after being rescued, a man finds a baby squirrel on his bed. The animal has grown up to be a cute pet.

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They think that the best things always appear out of the blue. This is a true story about a guy who came home on a cold morning in 2016 and found a treat on his pillow. On his pillow, among the dry pine needles and thorny plants, were two little pink squirrels.

One of the rats wasn’t responding, which was sad, but there was still reason to be happy. The other squirrel was still alive, and as news of its well-being spread online, it gained more than 200,000 Instagram fans.

The brave baby Thumbelina came into the world on March 7, 2016, and is now an eastern grey squirrel who is 4 years old. The Internet site for Thumbelina says that her mother gave birth to her in the worst possible conditions. Because of the noise and chaos from building, her mother’s home was damaged. She had to go into a stranger’s house and give birth to her two children on the stranger’s bed.

She sneaked outside to gather sticks and leaves for her babies’ nest, as a mother would do to take care of her young. When the man got home, he was shocked to find two baby squirrels on his pillow. When it was time for these babies to go back to their mother, Christina and her husband Michael came to the rescue as skilled wildlife rehabbers. The mother did not come out of the wild, which was sad, and their attempts did not work.

Soon after that, one of the little squirrels died. The last mouse to stay alive had a hard time staying healthy and was even called Thumbelina. She was lucky to find a place to live with Christina and her husband.

Because they both love animals, the two have helped take care of several baby squirrels that got away from their mothers. When the squirrellings are big enough to live on their own, the pair lets them go back into the wild. But Thumbelina would escape this fate because she seemed different from other squirrels in a number of ways.

In an interview with Zoomin TV, Christina explained why she did what she did:

“That little squirrel spark that makes them sort of be a squirrel,” the author put it.

They have worked with other squirrels before, but Thumbelina seems to grow a little more slowly and in a different way. Christina tells us that it took Thumbelina about nine weeks to open her eyes after being brought to Earth, instead of the standard five weeks. She also decided to walk instead of jumping like other squirrels do.

Thumbelina ate some strange things. Most squirrel babies forget about milk very quickly and start to like solid food. Thumbelina, on the other hand, refused to eat solid food and held stubbornly to her milk bottle.

The little squirrel didn’t like living with other squirrels, so she chose to live alone. Christina told The Dodo that she is scared of mice. In her eyes, they look like little monsters.

Some people said that Thumbelina wasn’t meant to live alone in the wild. She is different in ways that make it impossible for her to survive in the wild. Thumbelina would quickly become a success because of how unique and sensitive she was.

Thumbelina’s website says that in October 2018, it was found that the two-year-old had Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, which means her uterus was too big, Endometriosis, pain, rapid weight gain, and extreme edoema. In the future, she would have a full hysterectomy.

More than 200,000 people watch her on Instagram, where she posts updates about her progress. It is now physically possible for her to eat avocado and rocket leaves, which are famous right now online.

Thumbelina loves to cuddle up with Michael and Christina while wearing her cute baby caps and heart-shaped sunglasses. A lot of people who back her get ideas from the story of this little squirrel. This is what Christina said on Zoomin TV:

“Our favourite comments are ones from individuals who are depressed or who have lost a family one and used to gaze at her to sort of cheer them up,” says the writer.

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