Puma Saved From A Contact-Type Zoo Can Not Be Free Into Bush, Lives As A Ruined Residence Cat

A Kindhearted Russian couple spotted Messi at the Saransk Zoo in Penza. He was just 8 months old. However, this pair chose to adopt him as a family member.

Two cubs were birthed together with Messi. They are Suarez and Neymar. The cub was sold to the Saransk Zoo when he was 3 months old. He also had health problems and was experienced them. The Russian couple Mariya and Aleksandr Dmitriev attracted the zoo and asked whether they could acquire him.


Mariya constantly wanted to have a big cat at her residence, “he always thought about having a lynx and never a puma. It’s challenging, but our team believes that this puma becomes part of our destiny. Said Mariya

” We had 3 days of thinking hard regarding whether it was ethical to maintain a puma and whether it prevailed sense to have one. However, absolutely nothing might combat our unexpected wish,” Mariya, 28, told the Mirror. “So we went to the zoo and also began arrangements to buy Messi. We marveled ourselves when they agreed.”

Messi needs a lot of physical activities. “He is like a dog. We began taking him for a stroll, step by step. The animal had not been actually active before, Aleksandr said in an interview with RT, “Now we walk a whole lot two times a day, as it’s expected to be. It does not differ much from owning a pet in this feeling.”



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