A man goes hiking and finds a bear cub that is dying. He risks his own life to save it.

Last Monday night, photographer Corey Hancock was on a scenic trail in Oregon. Halfway through his trip, he saw a three-month-old bear fighting for its life.

This poor little bear’s condition was very bad. He knew he was going to die. It was barely moving when he got close to the bear cub for the first time. He found out that the mother bear had left the cub alone.

But he didn’t want to leave the bear cub to die. Even though he didn’t know if the poor calf would make it, he carried it for more than two miles to save it.

He even gave him CPR at one point, and the bear cub took a breath. He was clearly having trouble getting enough air.

Hancock took the cub to the Turtle Ridge Wildlife Center in Oregon, which is near the city of Salem. He is doing much better now, though he is still getting better from being dehydrated and hungry.

But many people who know about animals don’t agree with Hancock’s choice to save the little bear. According to Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife rules, the person who saved the little bear could have been fined $6,000 or put in jail for up to a year.

But the Oregon State Police say Hancock won’t get in trouble for saving the bear. It’s a Good Deal!

The photographer Corey Hancock also wrote about this great story on his Facebook page.

He really is a hero! We’re glad this hero wasn’t fined or punished in any way. So, Hancock, thank you very much for saving the poor bear cub.

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