Flying squirrels from Japan and Siberia are known as the cutest animals on Earth.

This species of squirrel is cute and very pretty. It lives in Japan and Europe, from the Baltic Sea to the Pacific Coast. They are part of the Old World Flying Squirrels genus. These interesting squirrels don’t hibernate, but they sleep for days in the winter.

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This flying squirrel can get to be 20 cm (8 in) long. This squirrel hides in a hole in a coniferous tree during the day. At night, it comes out to eat buds, leaves, bark, fruits, and seeds.

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Even though they are called “flying squirrels,” they don’t really fly. They glide with the help of a furry membrane between their front and back legs called the patagium. Cute squirrels do this to escape predators or get to another tree. They can glide up to 100 meters.

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Photo Credit Goes To – Cheezburger.Com

The International Union for Conservation of Nature lists this squirrel as a “Least-Concern Species” because it doesn’t face any particular threats, has a large range, and is fairly common.

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