Lucky To See A Rare Seal With Beautiful Stripes For The First Time!

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Wow, nature is really amazing. It gives the world wonderful gifts. They’re Not the Same!

So this is also about a beautiful natural thing. This year, a striped seal was seen in Long Beach. This beautiful animal was found by the NOAA Fisheries Service. It was also said that the animal is in great health.

She really is a very rare and beautiful six seal. From the outside, she dives back into her world for a very short time. We don’t see them very often because they live deep in the sea. These animals were only seen in the Bering and Okhotsk Seas, which are between Alaska and Russia and are where they usually live.


Later, a man who worked for the USDA Wildlife Service told LiveScience that she was getting a little cold because she was moving around, lying down, and sleeping.

It’s hard to find out more about these rare striped seals because they live in tough to reach places. Seals are thought to be seen more often because of climate change, but we hope they stay in the beautiful North Pacific for a long time.



On the West Coast of the United States, the last time a ribbon seal was seen was in 2012, when one jumped onto a dock and scared a woman in Seattle.

From then until now, the only way to see the seals was to go to the Bering Sea or the Sea of Okhotsk, which are their natural habitats and are between Alaska and Russia.

Because ribbon seals live in such a faraway place, we still don’t know a lot about them. For example, we know that ribbon seals have a big air sac that goes from their throat to the right side of their bodies. Scientists aren’t sure if this air sac lets ribbon seals make noise underwater or if it has another purpose.

Never before have we seen such beautiful seals. Please be careful to keep them safe. May God bless and protect this lovely seal…

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