Sleeping Whales Under The Sea

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Stephane Granzotto, a French photographer and filmmaker, discovered something attractive while checking out sperm whales in the Mediterranean sea for his image publication about animals. It is the resting pattern of these whales.

These animals rest deep under the sea in a vertical placement. It appears as if they are standing. Until a 2008 study revealed it, none understood how they rested as well as till this photographer none had seen or recorded this. More info & Image politeness: Stephane Granzotto/National Geographic

National Geographic had stated that they take deep breaths and rest 45 feet deep in the sea in this position. And they sleep in sheaths with 5-6 whales and rest for two hrs a time in between the breaths.

It remained in a research study that the whales in Chile remained in a deep sleep until a ship, while its engine was off, had knocked them accidentally

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