Meet the cute little goat baby whose ears are 22 inches long.

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In the movie Dumbo, some animals are born and need to be used right away.

Animals are added to the record books because they have many unique traits. And this baby goat was born with the same body. His ears are really long.

This cute cub lives in Karachi, Pakistan, and his name is Simba. His ears are really cool. They’re about 54 centimetres by 22 inches.

The kid’s current owner, goat breeder Mohammad Hasan Narejo, says that the special kid has become a big deal in Pakistani media. He told AFP that Simba had become famous in just one month, to a level that most celebrities can only dream of. This had brought him unheard of attention.

Ahmed told AFP, “He has made not only me but also Pakistan proud.””He was in all the national and international news within 10 to 12 days of his birth, and he won a beauty contest.”Mohammad really thinks that Simba’s ears are longer than any other goat’s, and he wants everyone to know about it.

There isn’t a category for “longest goat ears” in the Guinness Book of Records, though. But Guinness says they have the records for the longest dog ears, the longest rabbit ears, the longest bat ears, and the longest human ear hair. So they can give Simba a new category.

In spite of this, the owner says he has been working to check the record with Guinness: “They accepted our application.” “A Guinness Book of World Records team will be here in Pakistan in 10 to 12 weeks to measure its ears,” he told Times of India.

He’s already getting everyone’s attention, even though he hasn’t broken any records yet. He wears special bands around his ears to keep them safe, and Mohammed does a lot of spiritual things to keep his goat safe.

He told AFP, “We Say Verses from the Koran and Blow On Him To Get Rid Of The Evil Eye.””As we have done for a long time and as our elders taught us, we have tied a black thread around him that is strengthened with verses from the Koran.”It is said that Simba is now living a “pampered existence” in Karachi. His owner hopes that Simba’s fame will only grow from here.

Ahmed said, “Simba’s Pakistan Name Must Roam The Whole World.”

He really is a wonderful and unique goat! We hope that Simba breaks a world record and keeps living his best life!

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