Rescue Kittycat With Four Ears Becomes

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If any kind of animal can rule the internet without really doing a lot, it’s cats. Pet cat fans bond over any type of web content where cats are just being their sassy-hilarious-cute selves. It’s not every day you can see a cat with not one but 2 sets of ears.

Meet Midas, a Russian Blue kitty cat with four ears and a malfunctioning jaw due to a genetic anomaly. This, nonetheless, has no result on his hearing as well as Midas is doing just fine. According to his owner, Canis Dosemeci, the lovable kitty was born with five brothers and sisters in a pal’s yard in Turkey. Concerned that Midas’ one-of-a-kind problem might make it harder for him to locate a home, Canis chose to adopt the pet cat herself.

Image credits: midas_x24

After having it confirmed by a veterinarian that his problem does not impact his health, Midas appears to be living his ideal life. The kitty cat currently has over 100K followers on Instagram that delight in seeing the everyday life of the 4-eared-cat.

Image credits: midas_x24

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