Seagull Devours Squirrel: Viral Video Shatters Perception of Their Diet

You are currently viewing Seagull Devours Squirrel: Viral Video Shatters Perception of Their Diet

The viral video of a seagull eating a squirrel changes people’s ideas about what animals eat.

A seagull eating a mouse is shown in a video that was recently shared on Twitter and is going viral. Many people on the internet are confused about this unexpected meeting because seagulls usually eat marine animals, especially fish. The two-minute video shows the seagull trying over and over to swallow the squirrel whole, even as it takes off with the squirrel’s tail still sticking out of its mouth. Although they like to eat fish, seagulls are known to eat many other animals, including squirrels, as the video’s description points out.

The video was posted on Twitter, where it quickly went viral and got a lot of responses from people. A lot of people were upset and shocked, saying things like “I don’t like seagulls anymore” and “I could have lived my whole life without seeing that video.” There were people who said the scene was wild, and people who said it was awful for both the bird and the squirrel. People wanting to “unsee” the video kept coming up in the comments, which shows how powerful the video was.


The movie has been seen over 7.4 million times in just a few hours, and the number of people who watch it keeps going up. Its wide distribution calls into question what we normally think about what birds eat. People have seen seagulls eating terrestrial arthropods, invertebrates, lizards, frogs, and even small rodents like squirrels. Fish is still their main food source.



This event serves as a warning that seagulls are flexible eaters that can change their diet to suit different food sources. They probably have been able to successfully colonise many different areas around the world because they can change what they eat. Seagulls’ ability to change and find different kinds of food is very important for their survival and the balance of the ecosystem.

People are now more interested in and talking about what seagulls like to eat after seeing the video that went viral. This has made people question what they thought they knew about these seaside birds. By showing how complicated their eating habits are, it reminds us that nature often strikes us with how different and unpredictable it is.

As the movie keeps going around and getting strong reactions, it makes people think even more about how complicated animal behaviour can be. People who see this video online are either amazed, uneasy, or wondering what they think. It’s a powerful reminder that nature is full of surprises, even in the feeding habits of animals that look like they know what they’re doing, like seagulls.

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