Selfie from top of Mount Everest destroys Flat Earth theory once and for all

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A selfie taken atop Mount Everest definitively disproves the belief of a flat Earth.

Even with Mount Everest’s breathtaking views, some people still believe that the Earth is flat.

Reddit / amazed_spirit

Allow me to provide you with a strong counterargument if you’re still persuaded that the Earth is flat: a selfie taken on Mount Everest.

Standing taller than all other summits, Mount Everest provides a viewpoint that is unmatched for people on foot. The vista from its summit is unmatched on a clear day, offering a fantastic chance for both stunning photographs and a thought-provoking lesson in the form of the Earth.

Do not be alarmed if you are unable to climb Everest yourself; there is proof in the form of an existing selfie.


A climber atop the world’s tallest peak, which rises more than 8,848 meters above sea level, took this amazing picture. The climber took a selfie with a high-angle camera, showcasing the Earth’s remarkable curvature in the backdrop.

The opinions expressed by some conspiracy theorists who support the flat Earth theory are squarely at odds with this viewpoint. The selfie, which was later posted on Reddit with the title “Checkmate Flat Earth Society,” provoked a barrage of amusing backlash directed at the debunked theory’s proponents.

A Reddit user joked among the comments, “I maintain that only like six people believe in a flat Earth.” The rest of them are just making fun of one another. “I’m all for a good conspiracy theory, but there are some that are just too much,” said a second person who agreed.

The spherical shape of the Earth attracted a lot of attention, but the unnerving image of Mount Everest’s peak did not go unnoticed. One user asked, “Why does the top of Everest look like a garbage dump?”

The picture does, in fact, depict a depressing sight: the peak covered in colorful rubble and trash from earlier climbers. Everest’s rubbish piling at its peak has earned it the fitting moniker of “world’s highest garbage dump,” according to National Geographic.

Unfortunately, cleaning up Everest’s summit is a difficult task due to the mountain’s remote location and the inflow of climbers—up to 500 people climb it every day during peak seasons.

In summary, this selfie teaches important truths that go beyond the composition of our planet. It acts as a moving reminder of our shared need to maintain and save the environment. We must make it our mission to leave no trace as custodians of this undeniably round Earth, making sure that even the most spectacular summits stay pristine for future generations.

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